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Con Wenzel Van Deun.

Lunedì, 06 Luglio 2015 14:47
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Rucola Di Canne

One day Rosangela (the lady on the left and owner of Homing Borgia) revealed to me one of Puglia’s biggest secrets. 
No tourist guide mentions it, not even the French Guide Routard. 
No train or bus brings tourists closer to it. That’s why its existence remains uncovered. The only way to hear about it is from a lady like Rosangela, who was so kind to drive me to this place ...The secret I am talking about is a rucola with a very distinctive smell and taste 
that only grows on a specific place called Canne.And do you know why this Rucola di Canne has this lemon taste and smell of sand? It is because it grows on a small patch of land where many thousand years ago so many different populations arrived to build walls, houses, temples and churches. If you look closely under the overgrowth of rucola you can still see some ruins of a wall, a canal for an underground heating system or part of the apse of a basilica …Furthermore, this Rucola di Canne is a remedy against forgetfulness.
Eating it makes you pungently aware of the Dauni, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Normans who arrived at this place in waves, one after the other.Here, all these populations sprinkled the soil with their sweat and blood.
Here, they arrived and gave birth, they buried their beloved and died.
Here, they felt bliss or loneliness, they feared or were brave, hated or loved.
Here, they had hopes, some of which came true, some of which didn’t.
Here, their hands touched the stones that are now scattered on the ground.Here too, Hannibal made thousands of Romans bite the dust whose light in their eyes was extinguished forever, because it was here, in this valley of Canne, that the Punic general inflicted a crushing defeat on the army of the consuls.And eating this magic Rucola makes you feel now what thousands of years ago many people must have felt, especially when this Rucola is used by a lady like Rosangela in a tasty dish with orecchiette, pomodori and formaggio …So, do you want to feel the pulse of the past?
Then go and visit Canne della Battaglia, pick the rucola and taste its flavour
and meanwhile admire the ruins that lie hidden under its luscious leaves ...Wenzel


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